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The most common and affordable ways to promote mobile applications

How to promote a mobile application to the market, using not only the capabilities of specialized stores (Google Play, AppStore), but also additional promotion methods and channels.

The effectiveness of the promotion of an object on the Internet depends on the correct choice of directions and methods of influencing the target audience.

The most common and affordable ways to promote mobile applications

Promotion of mobile applications is a multifaceted and time-consuming process. As a rule, developers, webmasters or advertisers use the most accessible and obvious method - promotion through app stores. At the moment, two popular platforms can be noted - these are the AppStore and Google Play stores. This is where applications are hosted, promoted and offered to potential consumers.

However, the use of only this method of promotion will not give the maximum possible positive effect. There are a lot of additional directions, which should not be forgotten. Only an integrated approach will allow several times to increase the number of potential users.

We can distinguish the following ways to promote mobile applications, in which the impact on users is carried out through various channels (the so-called external methods of promotion):

1) social networks;
2) thematic blogs;
3) forums;
4) landing pages;
5) contextual advertising.

Let's consider the progress in each of these areas in more detail.

Social networks

Social networks are perfect for promoting mobile applications. These are platforms where users from all over the world gather. Most often, they use their mobile devices to access the Internet. This means that this audience is a priori interested in useful applications for their phones and smartphones.

The most common and affordable ways to promote mobile applications

Just as a big plus, it is worth noting that it is easy to establish a feedback channel with users on social networks. This will allow you to identify possible errors in a timely manner and get advice on how to improve the application you are developing.

The advertising opportunities of modern social networks are no less extensive than those of search engines. You can narrowly target the desired target audience, and the appearance of your messages in the feed of friends (Facebook) will significantly increase the level of trust and, as a result, the conversion of your ads.

For independent promotion, you will need to create an account, group or community in which you can discuss the application, hold stimulating contests or advertise a new mobile development.

Thematic blogs

With the help of blogs, you can distribute information containing a description, a short or full review of a mobile application, a press release or a presentation. Materials and posts can be posted on the company's own blog. But, most likely, this will not be enough. You will have to find thematic sites and contact their owners with a request to place the finished article on their resource. In addition, you can order the blog owner to write a review or press release.

Many bloggers post reviews of new products in a particular area on their sites. Your task is to choose sites that are popular with users and have earned their trust. If you are promoting an application for Apple, then you need to choose blogs dedicated to the mobile devices of this company. Other platforms are suitable for Android. The more specialized a potential site is, the more relevant audience you can get in the end.


Thematic forums are a good channel for promoting a mobile application. People come here to talk, discuss innovations in the IT industry, talk about what they use or what they would like to try. Forums are a great place for implicit advertising. Here you can unobtrusively offer your product using a common topic of discussion. Although some sites allow the publication of direct advertising messages, but, as a rule, you have to pay a certain amount for this, and this type of promotion on the forums does not bring significant results.

You do not need to directly advertise the application, you can simply discuss its benefits with other users, get their opinions about some of the functions and features. This way you will draw attention to the new product and get real reviews. The audience of forums is usually the most responsive, but at the same time critical. Therefore, frank “trolling” and unfounded criticism of your application should not be allowed.

Landing pages

You can also promote the application using landing pages. You create a one-page website that will contain information about the mobile application and then you are engaged in search engine promotion (SEO) of the web resource so that the target audience knows about it.

Here it is important to create a bright and attractive design, fill the page with interesting content and optimize it for popular queries on your topic. However, you need to understand that SEO is not the fastest way to promote. site indexing and experiments with the semantic core can take a long time. But when you manage to bring the page to the top search engines, then you are guaranteed long-term high-conversion traffic.

contextual advertising

Another way to promote a mobile application is contextual and media advertising. To date, there are two main channels for such advertising - Yandex.Direct and Google.Adwords. You can advertise your product both directly in the search results and in the extensive partner media network that exists with both advertising systems. The main advantages of this type of promotion are quick results and a wide audience coverage. Not only users of search engines will hear about your product, but also numerous visitors to thematic sites. With the help of flexible targeting tools and tracking specific conversions, you can optimize the cost of this ad. However, keep in mind that context is one of the most expensive promotion channels.

So, if you want to reach as many potential users as possible, don't just focus on specialty stores. Actively use other promotion methods. Choose an integrated approach to get a high return on a minimal budget.

Naturally, in the format of one article it is impossible to reflect the entire depth of the process of promoting mobile applications. The methods discussed above are touched upon in general terms, without undue deepening. You should know that for professional advancement, in addition to a deep knowledge of the main channels and their features, it is necessary to master the methods of analyzing the results and control the effectiveness of the funds spent at each stage. Without this, it is impossible to assess the feasibility of your investments in a particular activity. Great chance of wasting money.

As with any business, promotion issues cannot be approached without proper training and experience. Otherwise, you run the risk of spending very large budgets, but not getting the desired increase in users. If you are not 100% confident in your own abilities, then it is better to order promotion from a specialized agency. Professional mobile app promotion services will save your energy, money and bring guaranteed results.

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