» » Apple will not allow applications in the AppStore without the ability to delete an account

Apple will not allow applications in the AppStore without the ability to delete an account

As well as cleaning up all user-related and user-created content.

AppStore Connect users are getting emails asking them to check their App Review Pages for a chain letter. In short, applications without a button to create a request to delete an account and all data associated with it, including user-generated content, will no longer be allowed in the AppStore.


Starting June 30, 2022, apps submitted to the App Store that support account creation must also let users initiate deletion of their account within the app. Deleting an account removes the account from the developer’s records, along with any data associated with the account that the developer isn’t legally required to maintain.

Below are the most important theses and comments of the information from the page on how to propose and delete an account .

  • The user should easily find the Delete Profile Button. It is recommended to place it on the application or profile settings page.

  • You must explicitly state that deletion includes the deletion of all associated data and actually do so. Additional options may be offered to the user, but simply freezing or disabling the account is not enough. It is understood that it is possible to offer a temporary shutdown, but it should still be possible for the user to get to the Delete.

  • Similarly, we conclude that you can ask the user to fill out some form, however, all fields should be optional

  • The deletion request form itself can be located on the site, and the button can be only an external link

  • If the deletion is done manually, then you need to explain to the user how long it will take

  • If there are user-related payments, purchased content, events and actions planned by the user in the application - inform the user about it. Clearly explain what will happen to which of his good received and created in the application. By the way, it will look like a good form and a chance to return the user, send him something by mail for prompt account recovery or information about future events related to the user.

In addition to the main parameters, Apple has kindly prepared a FAQ section:

  • If you have a highly regulated area ( read about it here ), then you can ask the user to write a letter or call the hotline. However, everyone else should provide a very simple path without additional steps.

  • Can ask for additional authentication when requesting deletion

  • If your account is created using Sign In with Apple, then you need  to burn the token

  • The delete initiation button must be in the application, even if the account is created on the site, and not in the application, but it uses

  • It should also be possible to delete guest accounts if you create them automatically, so that you can then carefully link them to some user ID

  • It can't be deleted automatically. Tell the user how long it will take and notify them when it's done. Only then delete the contact where they reported it. Apple also notes that deletion must comply with your local data retention laws as quickly as possible.

  • Once again, note that it should be possible to request the removal of ALL related content - posts, comments, ratings, etc.

  • Even if you supported the ability to delete an account in countries requiring GDPR or CCPA compliance, Apple requires you to give this to users, regardless of their and your location

  • If your application has an auto-renewing subscription through Apple, be sure to tell the user how not to cancel and provide the appropriate link. An alternative is to offer to delete the account at the end of the current subscription period. That is, it can be offered, but the “delete right now” option should still be there.

It is important to communicate this information to all internal and external customers, as well as propose an action plan for making changes to applications and data management procedures. Everyone will definitely have such requests, and it will not be rusty for Apple to check how they will work out.

All successful releases!

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