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Vivaldi 5.1 for Android - Spare no colors

We've been getting a bit sidetracked lately on adapting the mobile version to in-car infotainment centers, but that doesn't mean we've stopped all other work. Not at all - quite the contrary. Due to numerous requests from users, we have been actively improving the functions that are responsible for the appearance of the browser on your device. After all, a phone is often a style, and what is a style without a stylish browser? Well, meet Vivaldi 5.1 for Android with new bright features in the fullest sense of the word.

Colorful extravaganza

Few people know that there is a paint store not far from our office, and something happened there recently - in general, we got at our disposal a complete unlimited color palette. And, of course, they immediately added all this colorful splendor to the browser. Here's what it looks like:

So far nothing is clear, right? We'll tell you everything now, don't worry. In general, we have added a tool to the browser that allows you not only to choose from several pre-installed themes, but also to create your own color style for highlighting open tabs. There is also the already familiar option to select the highlight from the color palette of visited pages, but also added a few other options selected by our designers. And, of course, you can assign your own color - there is such an option.

Compression Tricks

Last time we happily introduced an option that allows you to shrink the width of the tabs to a certain minimum so that they fit more on the panel. The effect was immediate - users demanded full control over the size of the tabs, so that the browser would not even dare to think that it could dictate some conditions. In general, everything is done - accept the work:


A slider appeared in the settings, which allows you to handle the size of the tabs on the panel quite freely. But do not forget that this option will be available only if the "Icon instead of tab" option is disabled. To avoid, so to speak, contradictions.

A little more faster

Some users have reported that the browser seems to be a little slower when there are many open tabs. Just a little, a little, a little, but terribly infuriates. We did not put up with this and worked on the tabs code - now there are no brakes when working with a large number of tabs. We hope, believe and look forward to your feedback.

Actually, that's all for now. By the way, a new desktop version has also been released today - you can try it, there are also interesting new items there. And we invite you to download the browser from well-known sources:

Google Play


Thank you all for your help in creating this version.


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